Monday, May 24, 2010

Passengers hurt in Cessna crash landing


Passengers hurt in Cessna crash landing
By Hussain Afzal
Sunday, 23 May, 2010
PARACHINAR, May 22: A Cessna plane of the Peshawar Flying Club carrying five passengers met an accident after landing at the Parachinar airport on Saturday.

Officials said passengers and the pilot, Imran, suffered slight injuries and were discharged from hospital after first aid.

The plane took off from Peshawar and landed in Parachinar, Kurram Agency's administrative headquarters.

An official of the Civil Aviation Authority said that the accident took place because 'nose-wheel' of the plane was damaged during landing.

The airport in charge said that the runway had been cleared for traffic.

The flying club has been operating a service between Peshawar and Parachinar for the past one year because of attacks on passengers along the main road.

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