Thursday, June 4, 2009

Warring Kurram tribes to sign peace accord soon

Daily Times

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Warring Kurram tribes to sign peace accord soon


PESHAWAR: Three warring tribes in Kurram Agency may soon sign an accord under the aegis of the Afghan government and NATO to provide safe passage to two Sunni tribes to Afghanistan.

"We hope this agreement among the Bangash, Mengal and Toori tribes will be signed in the next week, helping the Bangash and Mengal tribesmen to use Kharlachi route through the Toori territory to travel to Afghanistan," Attaullah Khan, general secretary of a reforms committee, told Daily Times on Wednesday. The Bangash and Mengal tribes' access to Afghanistan was cut off when the Toori tribe stopped rival tribes from using their territory to travel to Afghanistan. Leaders from both tribes met fellow tribesmen in Afghanistan to "pressure" the rival Tooris across the border to allow them safe passage. "I think the Kabul government and NATO officials are taking interest in our case because they do not want sectarian violence to spill over into Afghanistan," Attaullah said.


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