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Parachinar air service

Parachinar air service

Kundi lauds Gliding Club’s role in promoting adventure sports

Kundi lauds Gliding Club's role in promoting adventure sports

ISLAMABAD, June 14 (APP): Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundi on Monday praised Hawk Gliding Club's for working to  promote adventure sports in the country  and said this had greatly helped  raise image of the country  .          

Speaking at a ceremony organized by the Hawk Gliding Club here at a local hotel, he said Club's efforts would  boost sports industry in Pakistan.
"When I look at the achievements of the club, it gives me immense pleasure that these are truly in line with its objectives.  Therefore, to celebrate its journey is of immense importance," he said.
He said that the Club had recently introduced adventure Air Sports in Kenya  which besides  strengthening  Pakistan's ties with that country  would also help present Pakistan's high-level of commitment at the international level.
He said that the  record of the Club showed that it had always volunteered its services in the time of need. "In the year 2005, the Club used its para-motors to help earthquake victims. Then again it offered its services for the people of Parachinar by importing an Aircraft to carry passengers from Peshawar to Parachinar and for the evacuation of medical emergencies from Parachinar to nearby areas," he said. 
He said that being the youngest Deputy Speaker and Patron of Young Parliamentarians Forum, he had always motivated young people and if they  become part of the Hawk Gliding Club it would  enhance their  skills.
"The Club's efforts to produce some successful TV serials generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the youth for adventure sports. Besides,  training  officers from Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force, the club has shown hardcore professionalism." he added.
The Hawk Gliding Club has also trained 5000 males and females in adventure sports in Pakistan.
Kundi said the task which the Club had taken for promoting adventure sports in the country along with gearing the potential of the people was indeed highly appreciable. This effort should  be accelerated because "we want such  Clubs in Pakistan," he added.





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