Thursday, February 19, 2009

press conference in Press Club Kohat on Thursday

Press Conference

In a hurriedly called press conference in Press Club Kohat on Thursday member Reform Committee of Parachinar Mr. Ataullah had condemned US drone attack carried out earlier this week at Ahmedi Shama village of lower Kurram agency, and had stressed for fulfillment of demands regarding ban on all sort of militant organizations in Kurram agency, had demanded arrest of residents of lower Kurram possessing illegal wireless sets, and involved in bomb manufacturing, damaging the property and keeping possession of bombs, he has further demanded arrest of persons involved in armed attack on Hangu, Sherkote, Adizai and Ustarzai.

Mr. Ataullah while answering to questions posed by journalists had said that losses worth two billion rupees were done to the people of Kurram agency and billionaires of Parachinar are now working as laborers in Kohat, migrants from Parachinar are facing hardships in Kohat and minds of their children are polluted now with violence witnessed by them, Ataullah says that his own six year old son has demanded pistol from him, he had denied the news report regarding presence of Usama Bin Ladin in Parachinar. He had said that from Malikhel border village, Kharlachi village and Shaheedano Dhand border village Afghans supply weapons to Shia sect people, and had alleged that Shia sect Mehdi Militia active in Parachinar receive funds from Iran, and Shia sect people are violating the terms of peace accord signed in Islamabad.

Abdur Raziq
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Bloody clash claims six lives

 Bloody clash claims six lives
Thursday, February 19, 2009
By Our correspondent
PARACHINAR: Six persons were shot dead and three others injured when two rival groups exchanged fire in the mountainous area of Tor Ghar on Wednesday.

Sources said Gulzar Hussain, Dildar Hussain, Riaz Hussain, Nasir Hussain, Nadeem Hussain and Anwar Ali of Turi tribe were busy in cutting woods in a nearby mountain of Tor Ghar area when their rivals belonging to Muqbal tribe allegedly opened fire on them, leaving six of them dead and three injured.

The injured were taken to the Agency Headquarters Hospital in Parachinar. Meanwhile, an elder of Turi tribe, Haji Ali Akbar Turi, expressing his deep concern over the killing of six people of his tribe, said the peace accord was violated in the Kurram Agency. He demanded of the government to take stern action against the violators.