Saturday, January 8, 2011

46 held in Kurram under FCR, says official

Saturday, January 08, 2011
SADDA: The political administration of Kurram Agency arrested 46 tribesmen under the collective responsibility section of the Frontier Crimes Regulation after 22 trucks loaded with relief items were looted in the area a few days back. 

Talking to The News by phone on Friday, Assistant Political Agent of Lower Kurram Agency, Azmatullah Wazir said the convoy of 123 trucks was heading for Parachinar from Peshawar when a group of armed men, apparently militants, intercepted it near Durrani village, four kilometres away from Sadda city. 

He said the militants not only looted and but also torched 22 trucks. However, he said 48 trucks succeeded in reaching Parachinar while the remaining ones were taken back and parked at the Frontier Corps fort in Arawali area.

The official said all the trucks were loaded with relief items and were being taken to Parachinar. 

Taking serious notice of the incident, the APA said the political administration arrested 46 tribesmen and demolished their six houses and four shops in Sadda market. He said curfew had been enforced in Sadda sub-division banning all kinds of movement.

The official said the perks and privileges of the Class-IV employees had been withheld till an indefinite period. He said the military's gunship helicopters also shelled some of the suspected places in Durrani village but caused no casualties.