Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pakistan’s Gaza

Pakistan's Gaza

Wednesday May 06, 2009 (1149 PST)

Inhabitants of Kurram Agency, as citizens of Pakistan, have been under siege for two years now. Parachinar has been blockaded by the Taliban for the last two years; the Taliban are trying to starve the local people until they submit. Children are dying on a daily basis, as reported by some media outlets, due to the lack of supplies of medicines, milk power and supplies. Other vulnerable people, like the elderly, the disabled and pregnant women are also facing severe hardship and death. Economic activity has disappeared over the last two years, and local businesses have folded. Local farming, which used to be the best in FATA, has almost vanished because people are too scared of being shot by the Taliban..

As the entire community is cut off from the world, the people can only guard their homes and their loved ones day and night against the Taliban, hoping for rescue. This is a major humanitarian crisis; and there is hardly any media coverage of our plight.

The government of Pakistan and the army should help open the road leading to Kurram Agency. What's the use of the state if it cannot even open a road that can help save the lives of its citizens? It is the duty of the government to protect the life, liberty and property of citizens; and it is time the government did its job for the people of Parachinar.


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