Thursday, April 9, 2009

Closure of roads creates drugs scarcity in PARACHINAR

 Closure of roads creates drugs scarcity
Thursday, April 09, 2009
By Our correspondent
PARACHINAR: Patients are suffering from an acute shortage of life-saving drugs in the area, as roads leading to Kurram Agency are yet to reopen. Sources said even oxygen cylinders were not available in the operation theatres of the government-run hospitals.

The patients suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and other serious ailments were facing unspeakable hardships, added the sources. Many a time patients expired in the most painful manners, as there are no medicines in the hospitals and markets. This is common in pregnancy-related problems, people in the agency told The News.

Recently, a victim of road accident, Iqrar Hussain son of Iqbal Hussain, succumbed to injuries while he was being shifted to Peshawar through Afghanistan. His father told 'The News' that his son could have been saved had the roads to Peshawar not been closed.

The local tribespeople said that out of 248 vacancies 69 were lying vacant at the Agency Headquarters Hospital. There was only one specialist doctor while the vacancies existed for 14 specialists, they pointed out.

Besides scarcity of medicines, under-staffing of doctors and paramedics in the hospital was multiplying problems for the tribepeople. Medical Superintendent Syed Sultan Ali Shah told 'The News' that despite closure of the roads and shortage of staff, medics were trying their best to provide relief to the people in the existing resources.





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