Friday, January 14, 2011

Militancy aftermath: Compensation for Kurram urge

The Express Tribune

Tribal people have rendered great sacrifices for Pakistan, says PPP leader Dr Riaz Hussain Shah. PHOTO: EPA

PESHAWAR: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Kurram Agency chapter president, Dr Riaz Hussain Shah urged the government on Thursday to provide compensation to tribesmen for the huge losses incurred by them because of militancy and terrorism.

Addressing a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club, Shah said the tribal people would be highly appreciative of the government if it took action against elements found guilty of corruption and mal-practices in development projects.

"The tribal people have rendered great sacrifices for the stability, progress and protection of Pakistan and their matchless sacrifice is highly commendable," he remarked.

He claimed that 2,000 people had lost their lives in Kurram Agency since 2007, while numerous others suffered immense financial losses. Condemning the recent deadly militant attacks on trucks loaded with relief goods on Kurram-Parachinar Road, the PPP leader asked the government to pay attention to the people who are facing acute shortage of food, medicine and other necessities of life.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 14th, 2011.



Plunder, torching of trucks


PESHAWAR: Condemning the blockade of the Thall-Parachinar Road, elders of the Turi tribe from Kurram Agency on Thursday demanded compensation for the loaded trucks, plundered and torched by militants on the main road in lower part of Kurram Agency.

Addressing a news conference here, Dr Syed Riaz Hussain Shah, president of the Pakistan People's Party, Kurram Agency chapter, said a convoy of 25 loaded trucks and tankers was travelling under protection of security forces from Peshawar to Parachinar on January 4 when it was looted and torched by the militants.

He said the looted and destroyed goods and vehicles were worth an estimated Rs400 million, and asked the government to compensate the owners and dealers for their material losses. The PPP leader was accompanied by Haji Gulab Hussain, Ishaq Hussain Bangash and dozens of other elders from the Turi tribe of Kurram Agency.

He said that local tribesmen who had given shelter to the militants and terrorists in lower part of Kurram Agency must be held responsible for such acts as they had been targetting people from a particular sect and tribe to settle scores and for their vested interest. He demanded full implementation of the Murree Peace Agreement between the Turi and Mangal tribes to restore peace and harmony in Kurram Agency.

To a question, he said some 2,000 people had died and more than 5,000 were injured since the clashes erupted between the two tribes since 2007 and also led to closure of the Thall-Parachinar Road. He said the tribesmen in upper Kurram Agency were facing a shortage of food and medicines due to the closure of the road and blockade of all routes to Afghanistan.




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