Monday, June 22, 2009

US, Israel behind Pakistan sectarian violence

'US, Israel behind Pakistan sectarian violence'
Mon, 22 Jun 2009 00:02:26 GMT

Activists of the Shia-Sunni Action Committee hold banners to condemn sectarian violence.
A senior Pakistani politician says that the US and Israel are fomenting sectarian strife in the country in order to destabilize the nuclear-armed state.

Liaqat Baloch, General Secretary of the Jamat-e- Islami (JI) party, told reporters in the southern port city of Karachi that extremist groups were pursuing a US-Israeli agenda across the country.

His comments come after a string of sectarian attacks on Shia Muslims in recent months undermined the already deteriorating security of the insurgency-hit country.

Countless incidents of massacres took place in Dera Ismail Khan and Kurram Agency over the past few months.

This is while the Taliban-linked Wahhabi groups in Parachinar, Hangu district and much of the Kurram tribal agency have embarked on a series of fatal attacks on Shia Muslims.

Some local sources say more than 2,000 Shia community members have been killed in the region since 2007.

The Pakistani media has warned against religious violence which has defamed the conflict-torn country.

The JI leader emphasized that the Taliban insurgents were being funded by western and Israeli intelligence services to defend their interests in the volatile region.

"The western powers are financing militants for achieving their desired results in this part of the world," Press TV's correspondent in Pakistan quoted Baloch as saying.

The senior politician also urged the Islamabad government to quit abiding by US policies and do "what's in the best interest of the country."

He concluded the religious parties will have to rise to fight the conspiracies waged against Islam under the current circumstances.




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