Monday, June 22, 2009

3 killed in Kurram

3 killed in Kurram F.P. Report

PARACHINAR: Three more persons were killed on Saturday during the clashes between tribal people and insurgents continuing for the last five days at various areas of Lower Kurrum Agency. The number of the casualties has thus reached eight in the five days combat, sources said. The sources say both the parties used heavy weapons including missiles, rockets, mortar shells and machine guns at Sadda, Khar Killay, Balish Khel and Sangina. Although the tribesmen agreed to stop fighting and sign truce but the insurgents including foreign nationals were continuously targeting the local population. The fighting has increased the difficulties of local tribal people many fold with the passage of time and they had asked the government to expand their operation to Kurrum Agency. The tribal men had offered their full support to the security forces in their fighting against the local and foreign insurgents, who were creating problems for the government and the citizens as well. Ten people were also injured in the fifth day fighting.




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