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Parachinar: Millitants fleeing From Waziristan to Lower Kurram

Parachinar: Millitants fleeing From Waziristan to Lower Kurram

Written by jafarianews on June 27, 2009 under Pakistan News.

pak-deads1Taliban are continuously launching attacks on Shiite population in Parachinar. Once again clashed erupted when Taliban militants launched attacks from Waristan side in parts of village Mingak and AliZai in Lower Kurram Agency due to which 8 martyred and several injured. In retaliation many Taliban killed.
According to report when Taliban militants fired missiles & mortar shelling on Wednesday midnight, resulted a teenager boy along with two women and five children of Turi tribe killed in home at Village Kirman. Local tribes retaliated strongly so Taliban had no option but to flee away even leaving their three dead bodies on the spot. According to another source Shia youths hit-backed Taliban attack between Tuesday and Wednesday night and pushed back Taliban militants to their area till "Kuchey". Three youth martyred and several Taliban killed.

Taliban are continuously targeting Peoples in Parachinar .On 8th June they killed tribal elder Haji Ismel Hussain Turi belongs to AliZai Village of Lower Kurram was giving water to his fields, when the taliban millitants of Village Baghzi (whose boundries touches at point with Waziristan) opened fired upon him and fled away.

The fierce fighting continued from last Tuesday16.06.2009 between the Taliban milltants loyal to baitullah mahsud settled in Sadda Lower Kurram and local tribes of Balashkhel village of Upper Kurram with shelling of heavy weapons. While death toll reaches to 61 and more than 100 injured during a week long clashes according to independent and hospital sources

The situation in area is chronic and very tense but government is silent spectator instead of punishing the Taliban militants who violated the peace treaty for more than dozens time. According to sources of Political administration on condition of not to be named, the clashes spread due to arrival of hundreds Taliban loyal to Baitullah from Waziristan

Allama Muhammed Nawaz Irfani, the Khateeb Jamia Masjid Parachinar, addressing a press conference in the presence of tribal leaders in Parachinar, said: extremists are fleeing Waziristan to come into Kurram Agency and disrupting the peace of the agency. He said they had rendered sacrifices for clearing the upper Kurram areas of the militants, but their presence in the lower and central parts of the agency was still a threat to peace. "The militants had been attacking Balishkhel and other areas but the government has turned a blind eye towards this sensitive situation," he told media.



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