Sunday, June 28, 2009

Death toll in Kurram agency soars to 91

Death toll in Kurram agency soars to 91

PARACHINAR: The death toll in sectarian clashes between warring groups in various parts of the Kurram agency for last 13 days have increased to 91 while 175 injured have been injured so far.

Fierce clashes shook parts of Lower Kurram and the two groups were consolidating their positions. The locals said influx of Taliban from Swat, Dir and other areas is worsening the situation. Sources said, the fighting started in the region 12 days ago over a dispute on construction of bunkers in Khar Kali and Balishkhel.

Both sides have been accusing each other of seeking assistance from outsiders. Local people said that fresh clashes had erupted in Balishkhel, Khar Kali, Sangina, Mangak, Kochi Parachamkani and Kirman.

The Kurram agency has seen frequent clashes over the past two years. Residents said that 'movement of the militants' in the area had caused sectarian clashes.

The main road from Thall to Parachinar has been closed to traffic for the past five months, causing severe shortages of foodstuff and medicines in Upper Kurram.



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