Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slain tribesmen laid to rest in Parachinar

Saturday, April 23, 2011
PARACHINAR: Eight tribesmen belonging to the Turi and Bangash tribes kidnapped by the militants almost a month back and later beheaded were laid to rest in Alizai village amid touching scenes on Friday.

A large number of relatives, friends and well wishers attended the funeral prayers held in Parachinar. The sources said that the militants had burnt the captives after beheading them in their training centres in Ghulam Khan and Ghund Markaz areas in Kurram Agency. 

The militants kidnapped some 40 passengers belonging to the Turi and Bangash tribes on way to Parachinar, the agency headquarters of Kurram Agency, from Peshawar on March 25. Some of the slain tribesmen were identified as Mohammad Irfan, Irshad Ali, Said Laiq Hussain, Nauroz Ali, Ali Mohammad, Khalid Anwar and Nisar Hussain. 

Mohammad Irfan and Irshad Ali were students, Syed Laiq Hussain and Nauroz Ali were soldiers going home for holidays, the sources said. Ali Muhammad was returning home from the United Arab Emirates after three years. Meanwhile, complete shutdown was observed on the call of Turi and Bangash tribes in Parachinar to mourn the killings. 

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