Saturday, April 23, 2011

Govt must secure roads to Kurram Agency

Govt must secure roads to Kurram Agency

Saturday 23rd April, 2011
ISLAMABAD: Tribal people from Kurram agency has vowed to continue their protest in Islamabad until roads to Parachinar is not secured and reopened.
This protest camp would continue till the only road from Peshawar to Parachinar is secured and reopened, addressing the protest demonstration organized by youth Parachinar on Friday evening here in front of the National Press Club Islamabd, the speakers said.
They demanded of the government to take concrete steps for releasing the 41 kidnapped people of Turi tribe. They claimed that the 41 people were kidnapped from Bagan area of Lower Kurram agency on March 25 when as they said militants attacked three vehicles in the area killing three people. "8 dead decomposed bodies of the kidnapped persons were sent to Parachinar the other day," they claimed.
They said that in 2008 a peace truce between the warring tribes was agreed in Mari followed by several jirgas in which Interior Minister Rehman Malik also participated and assured implementation of the pacts. But all the promises proved hollow, they said, and no action was taken against the violators of the peace truce.
They said that communication to the area was suspended in 2007 and it is still persisting that make life almost impossible in the area and Kurram Agency lacks medicines as well as other basic amenities of life. Earlier, people of the area used areas of Afghanistan for travel to Peshawar but travel via Afghanistan also become very risky for the last year.
They demanded of the government to recollect Kurram militia deployed and other areas and redeploy it in the agency. They also stressed for restoration of the suspended PIA flights to the area and mobile service.

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