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Kurram admin, militia blamed for lawlessness

Kurram admin, militia blamed for lawlessness

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Bureau report

PESHAWAR: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Kurram Agency President Dr Syed Riaz Hussain Shah Wednesday condemned the local administration and Kurram Militia for their indifferent attitude towards brutal killing of 18 persons on July 17 and kidnapping of another six persons.

Speaking at a press conference here, he said that Kurram Agency was faced with deteriorating law and order. He said that scores of innocent people including six women were killed and several others kidnapped for ransom. However the authorities did not take any action, he alleged.

The PPP leader said that provision of security to citizens was the responsibility of the state, but it had failed to fulfill its job. He asked the government to suspend or transfer the incompetent Kurram Militia personnel because they were incompetent.

Dr Riaz said that on the one hand the commandant of Kurram Militia claimed that Peshawar-Parachinar Road had been made safe for the motorists and passengers but on the other hand the miscreants attacked the vehicles carrying Shia passengers.

He said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor had repeatedly said that peace would be established in the area soon and the roads be made secure but nothing was done in this regard. He asked the governor, prime minister and the president to take notice of the recent terror incident and order an inquiry against the incompetent local officers.




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