Saturday, July 31, 2010

10 killed in sectarian clashes in Kurram

Daily Times

10 killed in sectarian clashes in Kurram

Staff Report

HANGU: Ten people were killed and their houses torched in sectarian violence in Kurram Agency on Thursday.

According to local residents, men of the Shia sect carried out the attack. The incident occurred in the Sanghbakht village inhabited by the Mengal tribe near the Afghan border, local residents told Daily Times on condition of anonymity. Mengal tribesman are predominantly Sunni and live on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border.

"They (attackers) first evicted the residents from their homes, ransacked them and killed 10 people on the spot," the residents said adding that the attack could be retaliation for the attack on a convoy of Shias a couple of days ago in which a number of people were killed.

Parachinar and other towns of Kurram had been witnessing sectarian violence since a long time and the Taliban used the tense relations between Sunnis and Shias to strengthen their presence in the area. Local residents said that four women and two children were missing in the aftermath of the attack. The attack could not be officially confirmed by government sources.


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