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Taliban continues Shia killings: Pak media

Taliban continues Shia killings: Pak media
Tue, 12 May 2009 15:13:31 GMT
Families of the victims of a Taliban bombing gather at the graves of their loved ones in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.
The Wahhabi-minded Taliban insurgents continue to slaughter Shia Muslims across the lawless northwestern Pakistan, media reports reveal.

Countless incidents of massacres happened in northwestern town of Dera Ismail Khan and Kurram Agency over some past months.

"Taliban have gone about slaughtering their fellow-Muslims, especially in targeting the Shias of Kurram and Dera Ismail Khan. Also, it has to be said - and rather unfortunately - that this kind of Talibanization has been happening in the rest of the country..., albeit in a slightly different manner,"The News said in a report.

The Pakistani governments have been unwilling or unable to stop religious violence which has defamed the conflict-torn country, according to the daily.

In mid February, some 35 Shias were killed and 65 others were injured after a bomb ripped through a Shia Muslim leader's funeral procession on in the northwestern town of Dera Ismail Khan.

In early February, at least 35 Shias were killed and 50 others were injured after a bomb exploded in the town of Dera Ghazi Khan in the central Punjab province.

In early April, a bomber struck a religious Shia gathering in Chakwal -- some 90 km (60 miles) southeast of Islamabad in Punjab province-- leaving at least 30 people killed and hundreds of others injured.

The extremists groups have embarked on an 'ominous mission' to 'eliminate' Shia elites across Pakistan -- which became a safe haven for pro-Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked militants after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Shia Muslims accuse that the Wahhabi terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Taliban have been receiving financial assistance and heavy weapons from some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia over some past years to promote their violent campaign across the country.

Saudis have never denied such charges.

Moderate Sunni and Shia Muslims believe that Wahhabism has nothing to do with Islam and that it is a concept created by the global powers to fuel extremism.

The US and its western allies have fallen short of condemning the killings and their media outlets have also kept a silence against such lethal attacks.

This is while the Taliban-linked Wahhabi groups in Parachinar, Hangu district and much of the Kurram tribal agency have been killing dozens of Shia Muslims on a daily basis over the past few months.

This comes as no surprise as the Taliban have imposed a crippling blockade on Shia communities in some Pakistani regions raising concerns of a 'dire humanitarian crisis'.

Some sources more than 2,000 Shia community members have been killed in the region since 2007.

The pro-Taliban anti-Shia groups have stretched the campaign toward the restive southwestern Pakistan as well.

Quetta, the capital of Pakistan's restive southwestern Balochistan province has witnessed several instances of violence directed against the Hazara Shia community in recent months.

Moderate Pakistani Sunni groups also believe that leaving Shias at the mercy of the Taliban and their allied groups is a conspiracy against the country and Muslims.

Some peace activists have recently registered lawsuits against the Shia killings, saying that the international community must acknowledge the 'genocide' against the Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Pakistan's Interior Ministry Chief Rehman Malik has repeatedly promised to protect the Shia community members from the extremist groups across his conflict-torn country.

Shias say they make up one-third of Pakistan's 160 million-strong population. Since the 1980s, thousands of people have been killed in violence-related incidents in Pakistan by extremist groups.

The killing of Shias is to such extent that has caused international outrage with rights groups and regional countries including Iran expressing concern over the 'genocide'.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei urged the World Muslims to resist enemy efforts to fuel sectarianism.

"Those who try to sow discord among Shias and Sunnis are mercenaries of the enemy, whether they realize it or not," the Leader said in the western Iranian city of Sanandaj on Tuesday.

"The miserable Salafi and Wahhabi groups who are fed petro-dollars to carry out terrorist acts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, many of them are not aware that they are mercenaries of the enemy." The leader added.




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