Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Medicine shortage kills 3 more kids

 Medicine shortage kills 3 more kids
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
By Our correspondent
PARACHINAR: Three more children died here Monday due to non-availability of medicines, taking the death toll to 39 in the past three weeks, while main road leading to Peshawar was still closed.

Sources confirmed that the hospitals and medicines markets had exhausted their stocks and there was a severe shortage of life-saving drugs in Parachinar. The medicines' scarcity has increased the infant death rate.

It is pathetic to mention that government writ is practically non-existent in Parachinar and extremists have almost occupied and captured main Peshawar-Parachinar Road, not allowing a free movement of vehicles to and from the agency.

A few days back the convoy of Political Agent Kurram Agency was targeted, making the situation worse. Official vehicles have almost stopped plying the roads. On the other hand poor residents of the Parachinar Agency have been left at the mercy of the extremists. Due to stoppage of supply of edibles, medicines and POL products, residents of the area were facing a host of problems.
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