Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stranded students demand operation against militants

PARACHINAR (INP): The stranded students of Parachinar in Kurram Agency staged a protest demonstration against the closure of the Tall-Parachinar road by the militant and demanded military operation against the militants for opening of the road. According to details, hundreds of students and other people working in different parts of the country who came to their native town for Eid holidays are now stranded due to closure of the road by the militants. The students on Saturday took out a protest rally and chanted slogans for opening of the road. They also demanded starting helicopter service in the area owing to closure of the road. The rally passed through various routes and culminated into a big public gathering at Punjabi Chowk. Speaking on the occasion, the students said the road was blocked by the militants for the last five years but the government was not serious in its opening. They said hundreds of tribesmen were stranded in Parachinar and over a 100 vehicles for carrying ration were also stranded but the government was taking no step for their transportation. The students said their future may be at stake if they remained stranded in Parachinar. They demanded of the government to launch an operation to open the road and also start a helicopter service for transportation of the stranded tribesmen.

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