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Parachinaris condemn Daultana’s behaviour

The Express Tribune

Parachinaris condemn Daultana's behaviour

Published: June 5, 2011
PML-N member allegedly rushed her vehicle at protesters. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD JAVAID/ FILE
The Youth of Parachinar (YoP) on Friday convened an emergency Supreme Council meeting where the abusive behaviour and political statement of PML-N member Tehmina Daultana were discussed.
According to a press release issued by the YoP on Saturday, the reality of the incident is that peaceful protestors from Parachinar blocked Shahrahe Dastoor near radio station during the budget session and no vehicles were allowed to use the route.
Dressed in burial shrouds and carrying coffins, the protestors were condemning the negligence of the government in lifting the siege of the area at the hands of the Taliban and pleading for the reopening of the Thal-Parachinar Road, something that Interior Minister Rehman Malik promised to do in two days, some 40 days back.
According to the press release, "During the protest, the so-called public representative and PML-N member Tehmina Daultana, instead of joining the affected people of Parachinar with words of sympathy, ordered her driver to rush the vehicle over the protestors to break the human obstacle and get…[to]…Parliament House."
According to the release, the parliamentarian later declared the incident was "an attack on her by the will of the budget presenters (ruling coalition)." The YoP strongly condemned her misbehaviour and misleading statement and demanded that the PML-N explain their anti-Parachinari behaviour.
Earlier, the Islamabad police baton-charged the protestors and used tear gas to disperse them. The Supreme Council of YoP strongly condemned the action against the already besieged people instead of letting them make their problems known. They said that the government must take action to release the 33 kidnapped people and open the road to Parachinar, as the people of Parachinar may decide to 'snatch their rights' if not provided.
Published in The Express Tribune, June 5th, 2011.

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