Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warring group announces ceasefire in Kurram Agency

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
SADDA: Elders of six tribes of the Ahle Sunnat on Tuesday announced a unilateral ceasefire in Sadda tehsil of Kurram Agency in a bid to bring an end to the ongoing hostilities that left several people dead over the last three days. 

Talking to reporters, President of Anjum-e-Farooqia Fazal Qadir Orakzai, Qari Taj Muhammad and Abdul Karim said that they had directed their men to hold fire even if the armed men of Turi and Bangash tribes continue targeting them. 

They said that 15 persons were killed and 37 in-jured from both sides in the clashes. The local administration clamped curfew in Sadda bazaar for three days and all the schools and markets will remain closed during this period.

In Hangu, the people affected by the Kurram Agency violence accused the elders of a rival sect of violating the peace agreements. Led by the president of the Reforms Committee Attaullah, the affected people staged protest on Tuesday in front of the Hangu Press Club. 

Speaking on the occasion, Attaullah, Sawab Khan, Aziz Khan and Haji Bismillah Khan said the presence of organisations including Hizbullah and Mehdi Militia besides other outfits in upper Kurram was an attack on the sovereignty of the country. 

Earlier, elders of one of the sects had accused militants of attacking the Balishkhel village and harming the villagers.


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