Monday, May 9, 2011

Rally for resolution of Parachinar problems

The Nation Newspaper Pakistan Monday, May 09, 2011

Rally for resolution of Parachinar problems

LAHORE – A protest demonstration, launched under the aegis of the Youth of Parachinar, entered its 13th day on Sunday. The campaign is seeking early resolution of the problems of the Parachinar residents.
The participants of the protest were carrying placards and banners reading slogans such as "Is Parachinar not a part of Pakistan"? Leader of YoP Hussain Bangish, addressing the participants, said that if the government did not pay any heed towards their demands the YoP would march towards Islamabad.
The participants of the demonstration demanded the Pakistan government to manage the release of 33 hostages of Parachinaar from Taliban.
The government should implement the Murree Accord in a true spirit and violators of the agreement should be punished, he further urged. The protesters demanded the government and the establishment not to back Taliban they have to take the patriotic the Toori and Bangash tribes in their confidence.
The PIA services should be started on emergency basis and also Kurram militia needs to be brought back to Kurram Agency. They also demanded the reopening of Tal-Parachinar road and army check posts should be established, at distance of 1 kilometer each, on the road to ensure safe traveling of people.
"When the Taliban were defeated, they blocked they main Tal-Parachinar Road and started targeting the Shia passengers travelling to Peshawar and other parts of the country. The miscreants killed hundreds of passengers on this road and also made them hostages and brutally killed them after long imprisonments. When these incidents of killing, kidnapping and looting convoys occurred again and again, the people started to go to Peshawar via Afghanistan. But later on, the government sealed the Pak-Afghan border due to security concerns and the people of the Upper Kurram were besieged there," the protest leader said.
He further told the participants that later on an agreement was inked between the tribal elders and the Taliban, with the help of then government, at Murree in 2008. "But the government failed to implement the Murree Accord," he said.
Then the government again called on a grand Jirga comprising some 50 members, including the Taliban. Interior Minister Rehman Malik was also a part of the peace accord, he said. This was also violated by Taliban stationed at Bagan Lower Kurram. Though this peace agreement was warmly welcomed by Shia and Sunni tribes and were considering a hope towards peace and harmony. It was violated at least 13 times by militants but the last violation resulted in a huge loss i.e. dozens of people were killed and 41 were kidnapped, said Bangish.

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