Monday, May 16, 2011

Parachinar youth protest against arrests

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Parachinar youth protest against arrests

ISLAMABAD -  Scores of youngsters belonging to Parachinar, headquarters of Kurram Agency, on Friday staged a sit-in against the Islamabad Police for arresting their fellows during a protest against the closure of Tal-Parachinar Road. The Islamabad Police had arrested the protestors as they tried to enter the capital's Red Zone, which was at a high alert due to the in-camera session of parliament's joint sitting.
According to the coordinator of the Youth of Parachinar, 25 protestors were arrested while the secretariat police claimed they had apprehended 10 people for violating the limits of the Red Zone. The protestors gathered outside the Parliament House and chanted slogans against the political and military leadership for paying no heed to their demand of their companions' release.
Protestors said they entered the area to convey their message to the parliamentarians and military leadership who were looting public wealth. They also demanded the reopening of Tal-Parachinar Road, saying the residents of Parachinar were living under siege by the Taliban.

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