Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parachinar youth in shrouds stage rally


Parachinar youth in shrouds stage rally

By A Reporter | From the Newspaper
ISLAMABAD, May 9: Wrapped in shroud, Parachinar youth held a protest rally on Monday from the National Press Club to the D-Chowk demanding opening of road leading to Parachinar.
The organisers said that the rally was aimed at highlighting the woes of the residents of upper Kurrum on the 19th day protest camp established by the Youth of Parachinar in front of press club.The speakers criticised Interior Minister Reham Malik who had announced and promised several times that the Tal-Parachinar road had been opened and it would be made safer for travelling.
"However, he has not given any administrative order for opening the road," Chairman of Youth of Parachinar Ali Shah Kazimi said while addressing the rally at the D-Chowk Parliament house. He said that the reasons are unknown but the interior minister has been making the same announcements for many months.
All protesters were demanding the Government and members of National Assembly to clear and open the Tal-Parachinar road which is closed to the residents of upper Kurrum, only.
"The travellers of upper Kurrum are kidnapped, maimed and killed at this road and the forces are stationed just few kilometres on both sides," Ali Kazmi said.
Deputy Secretary, Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Pakistan, Allama Ameen Shaheedi said that half a million residents of Parachinar are living in siege by the Taliban, and all the essential commodities including food, fuel and medicines are supplied from Afghanistan to the area.
"Even the residents have to travel to Afghanistan to come to Peshawar," he said adding "this is a matter of shame for the mangers of the state."
The speakers said that the life has been made miserable for the masses, the economy has ruined, educational career of students spoiled, there is shortage of daily essential commodities, hospitals lack the medicines, patients were dying and were being exploited due to closure of one and only Tall-Parachinar road, which connects the Kurram Agency with Peshawar.
The speakers said that the army stationed in Parachinar should be made responsible for securing the road between Peshawar and Parachinar.
The speakers said that the road was almost 250 kilometres from Peshawar to Parachinar but the troubled spot was only a patch of 25-30 kilometres near Tal, and the kidnappings of Parachinar passengers continue despite the agreements between warring tribes to open up the road, which have been guaranteed by the government of Pakistan.

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