Saturday, May 21, 2011

One killed as mortar shell lands in house in KA

Pakistan Observer

One killed as mortar shell lands in house in KA

Parachinar—One person was killed when a mortar shell fired by the miscreants in Shalozan area landed in a house on Friday. Tall-Parachinar main road could not be opened as yet for traffic and thousands of people were stranded in their homes facing shortage of various commodities. "The abuductees which were kidnapped in Lower Kurram by the miscreants were still not released by the government after the passage of 57 days," locals said, adding that family members of the missing persons were demanding of the government for safe release of their relatives. 

Sources said that miscreants from the top of mountains in Shalozan area fired several missiles at the residential area in which one mortar shell landed in a house, killing one person while the remaining inmates remained safe while one room of the house was destroyed. Locals said that miscreants fired salvo of shots with automatic machine guns at the residential area in Pavar area.—INP

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