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Nauroze celebrated in Kurram

Nauroze celebrated in Kurram

PARACHINAR, March 21: Irrespective of their financial position, most of the residents of Kurram Agency prepared seven types of cuisines on Monday to celebrate Nauroze.
Attired in newly tailored clothes, children as well as grown up people were seen visiting the houses of their relatives to wish them happy Nauroze, the first day of Iranian calendar and beginning of spring season.
The tribesmen visited a local shrine and hoisted flag on the tomb to begin celebration of Jashn-i-Nauroze.
They also offered special prayers for lasting peace and tranquility in Kurram Agency. The local elders also wished happy New Year to each other and prayed for eternal peace in the country.
The locals visited houses of their relatives and enjoyed tasteful foods as seven types of cuisines are prepared for the visitors on the occasion of Jashn-i-Nauroze.
The children took part in all festivities with more enthusiasm as compared to grown up because they had a field day to play, walk and enjoy different kinds of foods.
Different kinds of sweets, a hallmark of Nauroze, were presented to visiting relatives and friends. People were seen embracing each other and exchanging pleasantries.
Meanwhile, Jashn-i-Nauroze, often referred to as Persian New Year, was also celebrated in Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The families of Afghan refugees were seen visiting Bagh Naran and other parks to celebrate Nauroze. Many of them said that they were in the habit of celebrating Jashn-i-Nauroze even during their hard times.
They converge in different public parks to celebrate Jashn-i-Nauroze every year and this year was no exception as hundreds of Afghan children and grown up men and women gathered to celebrate the occasion.
Afghans said that they also received guests from their native Afghanistan on Nauroze while some families visited Afghanistan to join their relative on the happy occasion

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