Monday, March 28, 2011

Elders blame govt for Kurram accord failure


Monday, March 28, 2011

PARACHINAR: Tribal elders of the violence-affected Kurram Agency have held the government responsible for the failure of a peace agreement signed in Islamabad recently and killing and abduction of tribesmen in the recent spate of violence. 

Addressing a large gathering of tribesmen in upper tehsil of Kurram Agency, the elders including Syed Abid Hussain Al-Hussaini, Allama Muhammad Afsar, Allama Muhammad Hussain Tahiri, Mussarat Bangash, Malik Iqbal Turi, Malik Niaz Muhammad and Malik Nisar condemned the attacks on Parachinar-bound passenger coaches.

They flayed the killing of 15 passengers and abduction of 40 others after militants attacked the vehicles on way to Parachinar on Saturday last. The kidnapped travellers are still untraced, the elders said, adding that the government had failed to provide safety and security to its citizens. 

They said the state writ could nowhere be seen in lower and central tehsils of Kurram Agency where ìmilitants have maintained their checkpoints and hideouts as the government is not bothered about them.î They alleged that the area was completely governed by the militants and many people had migrated to safer places as they were terrorised by militants.

The elders accused the government of keeping quiet over militancy in the area, saying that the government had deceived the tribal people of Kurram Agency in the name of the peace agreement. They said the government could not implement the agreement about the re-opening of roads connecting Kurram Agency with Peshawar and safe passage for passengers of upper Kurram. 

They added that if the government was interested in establishing peace in Kurram Agency, then the foremost priority must be action against militants in parts of this tribal belt who had established parallel government in the areas under their sway. However, they accused the establishment of being involved in the unabated violence in Kurram Agency. They said securing highways and ensuring the foolproof security of the travellers was the prime responsibility of the government.

They asked the government to take serious steps for the safe recovery of the kidnapped travellers and take action against the perpetrators forthwith. The tribal elders announced a grand Jirga of residents tomorrow (Tuesday) to decide future line of action if the government failed to redress their grievances.

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