Friday, March 25, 2011

Convoy in Pakistan ambushed by gunmen


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Convoy in Pakistan ambushed by gunmen

At least eight people have been killed and 15 kidnapped as gunmen attacked vehicles travelling through a volatile district of north-west Pakistan, officials say.
The ambush is said to have occurred in the Bagan area of the Kurram tribal agency. About five others were injured.
It is unclear how many vehicles were attacked by the gunmen. Reports say those targeted were Shia Muslims.
There have been a number of sectarian attacks in the area in recent years.
But the area in question has seen a recent peace deal between rival Shia and Sunni Muslim tribes, correspondents say.
The attack is said to have occurred on the main road that runs through the Kurram tribal agency connecting the regional capital with the city of Peshawar.
Violence had kept the road closed until the peace deal earlier this year, the Associated Press news agency reports.

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