Thursday, March 10, 2011

Action sought against peace accord violators

Thursday, March 10, 2011
SADDA: The tribal elders residing in lower tehsil of Kurram Agency have asked the peace-brokering grand jirga and the political administration in the area to save the Islamabad Peace Agreement reached between the two rival communities.

The elders of the six clans residing in lower tehsil of Kurram Agency in a press conference on Wednesday asked the political administration and members of the grand jirga who had inked the peace agreement in Islamabad last month for the reopening of roads to take steps against those people who were violating the nascent peace agreement. They said owing to the Islamabad Peace Agreement, all roads in Kurram Agency were reopened for vehicular traffic and commuters. However, they resented that despite the agreement, the Teri Mangal-Parachinar road was not yet reopened for the Zadran and Kharoti tribesmen movement in the area.

They said the residents of the mentioned area were reaching Peshawar and Kohat for their works or medical treatments through the Afghan territory and then enter via Torkham in Khyber Agency to reach Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The elders who included Fazal Qadir, Fazal Rahman, Abdul Karim, Abdul Wali, Haji Ghilji, Karim Khan, Shaho Khan, Din Muhammad, Subedar Wali Muhammad, Malik Ajab Khan, Zarghoon Shah, Muhammad Sharif, Malik Jannat Khan and Malik Zaman accused the rivals of violating the peace agreement more than six times. They said the political administration and the jirga members had been informed about the violation of the peace agreement by the rival tribes.


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