Sunday, February 6, 2011

Turi Bangash’s tribes rejected Rehman’s claims of Opening main Thall Parachinar blocked road

Turi Bangash's tribes rejected Rehman's claims of Opening main Thall Parachinar blocked road

KURRAM AGENCY: Elders council of Turi Bangash's tribes rejected Rehman Malik claims of Opening main Thall Parachinar blocked road from February 5,2011 terming it as just media point scoring for govt.

In a statement issued the elders council told that such false claims and promises were made for more than 10 times during last three years by using media as a tool for publishing breaking news and media point scoring in favor of PPP regime. While all the times just in very first attempt when passengers convey escorted by FC is prepared after such announcement the convey is attacked by Taliban and their local supporters in the jurisdiction of Chaparri check-posts in different areas of Lower Kurram in the presence of Silent Security forces(FC) is best proof of state terrorism.

Elders Council further mentioned by clearing the Point that they will consider the Road as completely open When Rehman Malik along with Kurram's MNAs & grand Jirga members will themselves travel on Road while all the time they deceive the common men including women and children. They warned that if this time such incident will took place then Rehman Malik will be declared as killer for that.




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