Friday, February 4, 2011

Kurram Agency roads including Tal-Para Chinar Highway to be opened on Feb 5th

Kurram Agency roads including Tal-Para Chinar Highway to be opened on Feb 5th: Malik

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik said roads of Kurram Agency including Tal-Para Chinar Highway will be opened for all type of traffic from February 5th. These were closed for the last four years due to sore circumstances.

He was talking to media after holding the Jirga with tribal leaders of Kurram Agency in ministry here in Islamabad on Thursday where he said terrorists from Afghanistan were carrying out terrorist attacks in Kurram Agency that are given the name of sectarian violence.

Rehman Malik presided the Jirga, which was attended by tribal leaders of Ahl-e-Sunnat Waljamat and Ahl-e-Tashi sects, as well as members National Assembly Muneer Orakzai, Sajid Toori and Deputy Speaker National Assembly, Faisal Karim Kundi.

Tribal leaders of both the sects expressed the gesture of reconciliation and unity. They also gave recommendations to minister, as well as assured their full cooperation with government.

During the course of media interaction, Rehman Malik said sects belonging from the Kurram Agency and tribal families have pledged for reconciliation and combating the terrorists from across the border. He said links of Kurram Agency with other parts of the country would restore and deficit of four years will be compensated.

Tribal leaders said during the clashes between clans and across the border terrorism, hundreds of people have been killed, about three thousands injured, whereas Rs. 1.6 billions financial damages have also been faced. They said complete truce is settled between Sunni and Shia sects, whereas terrorist who come across the border also try to flare up the sectarian violence.

During the Jirga meeting, Rehman Malik assured the tribal leaders that central government in coordination with FATA Administration, provincial government of KPK and governor would work for the development and peace of the agency. He also pledged that very soon FATA would become as peaceful as rest of the country is.

Murree Accord was also reviewed in the Jirga where tribal leaders demanded that government ensures the effective role of security forces for the establishment of peace. They also demanded that steps must also be commenced for the resettlement of expelled people, as well as for the resolution of miscellaneous conflicts.

Interior Minister assured them very soon a strategy would be made for the disbursements to effectees through a committee. He also distributed checks among the heirs of deceased students of Islamic international University blasts.





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