Sunday, January 23, 2011

Parachinar-bound passengers’ convoy returns to Peshawar

Parachinar-bound passengers' convoy returns to Peshawar

PARACHINAR: A Parachinar-bound convoy of over 700 passengers has been sent back to Peshawar after waiting for many days in Thall. 
According to tribal MNA Sajid Hussain, a convoy of 30 vehicle having 700 passengers including women, children, aged persons and patients had left Peshawar for Parachinar. 
He said that the security forces stopped the convoy at Thall. He said that the convoy waited for about 35 hours in Thall. However, the security forces did not provide security to the convoy and all the vehicles were sent back to Peshawar.
The security forces say that the convoy was sent back to Peshawar due to fear of militant's attack on the convoy. 
MNA Sajid Turi has demanded of the government to eliminate the camps of the terrorists in Kurram Agency and opened the Thall-Parachinar for transport.
Meanwhile, three tribesmen from Bangash tribe were shot dead by armed men at Thowda Cheena area of the Kurram Agency. The local political administration has ordered inquiry into the incident. 





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