Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kohat varsity fails to provide roll number slips

Kohat varsity fails to provide roll number slips

Several Kurram students miss paper

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PARACHINAR: Several students of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Kurram Agency could not appear in the fist paper on Tuesday as the Kohat University failed to provide them roll number slips in time, sources said.

The sources said BA and BSc examinations got underway and first paper - Islamiyat (compulsory) — was scheduled for Tuesday but several students were not allowed to enter the examination hall because they did not have the roll number slips.

The students made pleas to the examination staff that it was not their fault but to no avail.The affected students later staged a protest to voice their resentment at the negligence on the part of the Kohat University staff and demanded action by the higher authorities.

Some of the students, Abdullah, Javed and Mohammad Ghulam who missed the paper, told The News that the Kohat University was meting step motherly treatment to the students from Kurram Agency.

The aggrieved students demanded of the university authorities to provide them roll number slips so that they could appear in the remaining papers. They also requested the governor and other relevant authorities to take action against the erring staff of the examination department of the university whose irresponsible action caused them academic loss.




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