Sunday, October 25, 2009

Perks, privileges of Malikhel tribe suspended


Perks, privileges of Malikhel tribe suspended
Sunday, October 25, 2009

SADDA: The political administration Saturday suspended perks and privileges of tribesmen belonging to Malikhel tribe and closed down their shops as punishment for kidnapping two boys along with their goats and sheep from Arawali area in Lower Kurram.

Tribal sources said that two boys were grazing a herd of goats and sheep at Arawali when some Malikhel tribesmen reportedly kidnapped them.

Following the kidnapping, the political administration sent a jirga of Turi elders to secure safe release of the boys, but the kidnappers opened fire on the jirga members.

Later, the administration detained 20 persons of Malikhel tribe in Parachinar Prison. However, the armed men of the tribe attacked the prison and got their tribesmen released forcibly.

After the incident, the Political Agent Baseer Khan Wazir ordered suspension of perks to the tribe and sealing of their shops, business centres in Parachinar city. The administration also stopped the salaries Kurram Levies personnel belonging to Malikhel tribe.



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