Thursday, October 1, 2009

Elders urge forces not to target civilians

Elders urge forces not to target civilians
Thursday, October 01, 2009
Our correspondent

PARACHINAR: The elders of six local tribes Wednesday urged the army not to target the innocent people in central Kurram Agency on the basis of information provided by rival groups.

Addressing a press conference, the tribal elders including Saifullah Khan, Malik Mangal, Malik Abdul Aziz, Malik Gul Badshah, Malik Mir Akbar, Malik Muzaffar and Malik Badshah Khan claimed that innocent people fell victim to the shelling by gunship helicopters in Masozai area. They said the residents of central Kurram Agency neither challenged the writ of the government nor they had blocked the Parachinar Road.

The tribal elders said the six tribes living in central Kurram Agency were fully abiding by the Murree peace agreement brokered by former political agent Azam Khan a year ago. They alleged that the gunship helicopters on Wednesday injured fours innocent residents of Masozai area and damaged four vehicles. They said their rivals were trying to mislead the army against the patriotic citizens of Kurram and demanded a halt to what they called bombing on innocent people.


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