Monday, August 17, 2009

Thousands stage rally for road opening

Pakistan Observer

Monday, August 17, 2009, Sha'aban 25, 1430

Thousands stage rally for road opening

KurramAgency—Thousands tribesmen threatened at a mass protest Rally to start a Long March If Parachinar-Peshawar Road was not opened immediately. They also criticized Judiciary especially CJP Supreme Court of Pakistan for not taking notice.

The rally was held at Parachinar in which thousands of tribesmen of all ages participated and chanting slogans against what they say as step mother by treatment and state terrorism with patriotic people of Parachinar who rendered sacrifices since the creation of Pakistan and also for stability of Pakistan. They said they also sacrificed lives not to allow militants to enter valley of Parachinar Kurram Agency.

Addressing the Rally tribal elders, scholars and representatives of political parties said that from the last three years Parachinar-Peshawar Road is blocked by the militants with the help of elements of establishment by imposing siege & economic blockade on half a million patriotic tribal people of FATA Kurram Agency. But no one is taking this in notice.

They asked the CJP to take notice of the serious matter as the blockade and difficulties of half a million people of FATA Kurram Agency. Elders of Turi & Bangash tribes added that they would launch a long march if the road was not immediately opened.

They said when the price of petrol & sugar rose in the country the CJ takes notice which is appreciated but at the same time people of Parachinar are buying petrol & sugar and other basic commodities on three times the price in Pakistan (e.g Sugar Rs 95/-per k.g while fuel on Rs 100/-per liter) over the past three years. These commodities are brought via Afghanistan due to imposed siege and economic blockade.

The tribal elders requested the media to highlight the issue on print & electronic media. The leaders announced to start a long march from Parachinar to Peshawar if the main Road linking Parachinar to other cities of Pakistan not opened immediately.— NNI




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