Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing extremism in Pakistan


Sunday, August 09, 2009, Sha'ban 17, 1430 A.H.

Growing extremism in Pakistan

Riaz Ali Toori
In a series Pakistan is witnessing heartfelt and painful tragedies in the name of religion while no school of thought, religion or sect on the surface of earth teaches its followers to kill, behead, kidnap the opponents and loot and set their houses and belongings on fire but this everything is happening inside Pakistan under the leadership of very few so-called religious pseudo scholars and their organisations in the name of religion and Islam. After Zia's dictatorship Pakistan went into the era of continuous extremism. People were introduced with heavy weapons whish were spread around the country. Shia-Sunni so-called violence started and hatred amongst different groups created. People in millions have been killed and disabled. Afterwards what Pakistan gained in positive in the democratic governments of Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif were distorted by another dictator Musharraf. Both fought the wars of US on the soil of Pakistan. Both left extremism behind and pushed Pakistan into narrow darkest street of backwardness and illiteracy. Today Pakistan is suffering because of terrorism and growing extremism no other country of the world is facing such worst situation. Daily distressing, torturing and agonizing incidents are taking place in the name of religion. Eyes of every true Pakistani are wet on the brazen, indecent and impudent tragedy of Gojra where a number of Christians were burnt alive and around 100 houses looted and burnt. Such tragedies are direct attacks over the integrity, prosperity and stability of Pakistan. Killing of innocent people in Gojra is the killing of whole Pakistani nation and a great insult of Islamic teachings. Behind extremism there are hands of anti-Pakistan elements that are creating conspiracies among different religions, schools of thought and sects. Islam means peace where the killing of a single person is equal to the killing of all humanity. Peace in a multi-ethnic and cultural society like Pakistan comes through literacy, patience and tolerance where the people from different origins respect each other's basic concepts. A big part of our economy is either spent over the elimination of terrorism or is destroyed by terrorism directly. The main source of income of the people of Swat and Parachinar is agricultural production. Because of ongoing terrorism and extremism agriculture is badly affected in both places as a result people are dying there because of poverty. It will hurt true Pakistanis to learn that during the last two years a number of people in Parachinar had committed suicide and a number of children left schools. Because there is neither any businesses opportunity left nor agriculture is grown as it was earlier. The main Thal-Parachinar road, the only road connecting Parachinar with rest of the country, is blocked for the last two years by extremists and terrorists. People of Parachinar have to use Afghanistan for communication with their own country. It is need of the time that the government must go seriously towards the solution of Parachinar problems otherwise later on it will be crying over spilt milk. The Agriculture Department must facilitate the people of tribal areas. Peace is the foremost requirement for the development of a country. Successful actions have been made so far in Swat against terrorists and extremists. Actions of same kind are required against the terrorists responsible for the killing and devastation of Christians in Gojra and those who are killing innocent people in D.I Khan.




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