Monday, July 13, 2009

Kurram: who's responsible?

Kurram: who's responsible?

Thursday, July 02, 2009
This is with reference to a report (June 26) titled "Turi tribe accused of insurgency in Kurram Agency." The Turi tribe is not involved in the insurgency in Kurram agency and has never challenged the writ of the government. The six tribes of Kurram backed by the Taliban have been involved in creating unrest in the area. They have been continuously violating the peace agreements made with great efforts. They kidnapped travellers on Thall-Parachinar highway and let them off after payment of heavy ransom. Those who failed to pay the ransom were mercilessly butchered. The Thall-Parachinar highway is closed due to these acts since February, creating acute shortage of food and medicines which has resulted in the deaths of dozens of children.

Moreover they have also been attacking the villages of the Turi tribe. This silence of the government over the situation has forced the Turi tribe to pick up arms against the six tribes and the Taliban. The Taliban have also set up training camps at different areas of Lower Kurram and are recruiting tribesmen from the six tribes. The existence of Taliban training camps in Lower Kurram can be proved from the two separate US drone attacks on these camps.

The government is fully aware as to who is responsible for the insurgency in Kurram agency but is silent. I urge the Pakistani nation to raise there voice and the government to soon launch a military operation against the Taliban and their supporters.

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