Friday, June 26, 2009

Two killed by blast in Swat

Two killed by blast in Swat
'Pakistan Times' Wire Service

PESHAWAR: Another report says that three more people were killed and five other injured in clashes in Kurram Agency. Also, the tribal leaders and ulema resolved to side with the government in war against the terrorists. According to sources, the clashes are underway in the Kurram Agency in the wake of extremists attack on Balashkhel check post, where 24 have been killed and 56 others injured as yet.

Also, the missiles are being fired at Upper Kurram from uncontrolled area. The security forces targeted the hideouts of terrorists in return of the missile attacks. Addressing a press conference in the presence of tribal leaders in Parachinar, Khateeb Jamia Masjid Parachinar Allama Muhammed Nawaz Irfani said extremists are fleeing Waziristan to come into Kurram Agency and disrupting the peace of the agency.

He demanded the government to bear down upon the extremists subverting area's peace. Allama said the assassins of Maulana Hasan Jan and Dr Allama Sarfaraz Naeemi are not Muslims.





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