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Over 2 dozen militants killed in Malakand, Kurram

Pakistan Observer

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Over 2 dozen militants killed in Malakand, Kurram
Major, Captain among 6 soldiers martyred

Tariq Saeed

Peshawar—Fierce clashes between the Security forces and the militants in Charbagh-Mangaltan area in Swat and Dir districts left at least seven insurgents dead. An Army Major and a Captain are among six soldiers who embraced Shahadat on Wednesday. Fresh fightings among the extremists and the Tori Tribe in Kurram Agency Wednesday resulted in killing of around eighteen trouble makers.

At least three cops including a police inspector were martyred when a mortar shell landed at a police post during clashes between the militants and the security forces in Darra Adam Khel Wednesday wee hours. 

According to update of the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) seven militants were apprehended as the operation Rah-e- Rast was in progress in Malakand Agency.

Security forces carried out search and sweep operation at Charbagh – Mangaltan.. During exchange of fire, 2 officers namely Major Atique and Captain Amir along with 4 soldiers embraced Shahadat while three other troops sustained injuries. The ISPR said the security forces also conducted clearance operation against a suspected compound at Sakhra which resulted in the killing of a miscreant besides recovery of 3 stolen vehicles along with arms and ammunitions. The Security forces consolidated their positions at Kabal, Akhun Kalle, Dadhrah, Khazna and Gardi. Militnts Commander Alamgir and his father were apprehended at Gwalerai.

In Dir, the Security forces conducted search operation at Kota. During exchange of fire between security forces and terrorists, 6 militants were killed and 7 others apprehended.

The ISPR said, banking facilities were made functional in Bisham while Postal Service was made functional in Dir, Bajaur and Mohmand adding Public institutes were functional in Buner, Bisham, Dir and Mohmand. 

In the meanwhile, fresh clashes erupted between the Tori tribesmen and the insurgents in parts of Kurram Agency where at least seventeen more people were reported dead and 32 others injured seriously. Political authorities said a big majority if those killed by the tribesmen were the troublemakers.. 

Reports say total casualties in the nine days fighting erupted after attack on Balishkhel check post have crossed fifty with 80 others injured. Those killed reportedly include 35 insurgents. 

While both the sides were using heavy weapons like mortar shells and LMGs against each other, independent sources said the majority of the extremists killed during the ongoing fighting hailed from Waziristan, Swat and Aurakzai Agency. 

On the other hand the Tribal Lashker comprising armed combatants and which was formed in reaction to a deadly blast at a mosque in Hayagai Sharqi upper Dir District on June 5, claimed to have successfully cleared most of areas of Dir Upper from the extremists.

Pitched battles between the local Taliban and the Lashker which was later joined by thousands of more tribals from the adjoining villages and was supported by the security forces and the PAF war planes had continued for the past three weeks and the tribals inflicting heavy losses on the militants made them on the run. Reports say 34 extremists have been gunned down till date.

The Qaumi Lashker is successfully making advancement in areas where pro-Taliban militants tried to make their foothold by taking the local population hostage at gun point. The miscreants have now been held up by the Lashker in Shotkas, Ghazigay and Dogdarra areas, said Malik Moatabar Khan who heads the Tribal Lashker comprising nine thousands tribals. 

The Lashker is duly supported and assisted by the security forces, artillery, gunship helicopters in action against the militants.

The Lashker leaders said heavy fighting was going on between the Lashker and the militants in parts of the mountainous district however due to suspension of communication link, the exact number of casualties could not be ascertained. They sounded optimistic that Dir Upper would be cleared of the miscreants in a week's time.



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