Monday, April 13, 2009

PIA service to Kurram Agency demanded

PIA service to Kurram Agency demanded
PESHAWAR (April 12 2009): Turi Bangash tribe of Kurram Agency has called for revival of PIA service between Peshawar and agency headquarters to retrieve the stranded tribesmen hostage in their areas since last two years. Addressing a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club (PPC), Haji Gulab Turi, president Turi Bangash Supreme Council and Malik Abdullah Jan Bangash told the media that for the last two years, Kurram Agency in general and Upper Kurram in particular has become battlefield.

They said that Parachinar, the headquarters of Kurram Agency already has an airport and was used in past. They said that the facility should be revived in larger interest of the people of the agency, saying the government should either fly passenger planes or helicopter service to the area.

They said that killings, abduction for ransom and slaughter of the commuters travelling on the vehicles on Tall-Parachinar were rampant. The miscreants, they said reign the highway and killing the people mercilessly, which is known to each and every Pakistani. However, he said the local administration and governor NWFP had become silent spectator to the matter.

They said the Tall-Parachinar Road is closed since November 2007 and insecure for the commuters travelling on the road. In November 2008, they said though the road under an agreement was opened for traffic but some miscreants violated the peace agreement within a period of 20 days by opening fire on a motorcar resulting in the killing of two persons and three others were kidnapped.

They called for deployment of Frontier Corp personnel on the 8-kilometer road between Torghar to Tall and to increase patrolling of the security forces on the road to provide protection to the commuters travelling on the road.

The incident, they said had prompted closure of the Tall-Parachinar Road disconnecting the linkage of Parachinar with other parts of the country forcing hunger on the people. They also complained shortage of life saving drugs in the health facilities of the agency pushing the area to a human tragedy. They said that students are studying in different education institutions of the country and those who are living outside the agency have no facility to come or go outside the agency.



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