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Iranian cleric slams Pakistan silence over Parachinar events

Iranian cleric slams Pakistan silence over Parachinar events

Service: Foreign Policy
News Code :8711-14490

ISNA - Tehran
Service: Foreign Policy

TEHRAN, Feb. 11 (ISNA)-An Iranian grand religious leader Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi criticized Pakistan's government silence on crimes against Shiites in Parachinar, Pakistani northwestern city.

Pakistan should support its people, Parachinar is a part of Pakistan, but the government has remained silent while the genocide in that area is even worse than the one which occurred in Gaza Strip, he said.

Wahhabis, Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist groups are killing Shiites in that area; they have beheaded 600 people and cut the hands of women and children, he continued.

He then called for Iran's Foreign Ministry to make international organizations aware of crimes in Parachinar and ask them to dispatch a group to look into the crimes.

Parachinar has been sealed over 10 months and foodstuffs and medicine has not arrived there, he added.

He then said the media should make their best to make the world aware of these crimes.

According to reports, lack of Pakistani government control in Kurram Agency, the capital of which is Parachinar has resulted in Taliban's raised presence in that area.

Also Taliban devised a deadly attack against Shiite enclave in Parachinar and have blockaded the city since April 2007 after sectarian violence in that city due to Wahhabis comments on historical Shiites figures.

News Code: 8711-14490

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