Monday, November 10, 2008

Nato air strikes kill seven in Tirah F.P. Report

Nato air strikes kill seven in Tirah F.P. Report

Monday, November 10, 2008,
Zi'qad 11, 1429 A.H.

MORGA: Seven persons were killed and three others injured when NATO-led fighter jets bombed Tirah valley along Pak-Afghan border in Khyber Agency on Sunday afternoon. The fighter jets targeted a group of 40 pedestrians on Morga mountains in Tirah valley killing seven of the tribals on the spot and three others were injured. The dead and injured were taken to Parachinar. Names of the dead could not be confirmed due non-availabilty of commmunication system as the local tribes are from Mahamod, Ali Sherzai and Chamkani. In Bajaur fighter planes carried out fresh strikes on militants’ hideouts, killing at least 13 in Tehsil Mamond on Sunday. Meanwhile, Mamond and Salarzai tribes will hold separate jirga in order to establish peace in the volatile region. Sources said that security forces heavily pounded militants’ hideouts in Mamond, Damadola and Kharkay in which 13 people were killed. The death toll may rise, according to sources. Helicopter gunships have launched raids on militants’ positions in Zorband and Sabagi areas of the troubled agency. On the other hand, Political Administration has issued a fresh warning asking Afghan refugees to leave the area within next three days, otherwise action will be taken after expiry of deadline given to Afghan refugees. 

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