Friday, October 17, 2008

Opponent sectarian groups in Kurram Agency sign Peace Accord

Opponent sectarian groups in Kurram Agency sign Peace Accord

ISLAMABAD: The two opponent sectarian groups of Shiite and Sunnis of Kurram Agency have signed a ‘Peace Accord’ to quell a one and half year long tribal warfare which has claimed more than 300 lives and devastated 31 villages.

The signing ceremony of “Islamabad Peace Accord” was held here in Murree on Thursday in which 50 members from both sides of rival tribes participated.

Political Agent Kurram Agency, Malik Azam Khan, Waris Khan Afridi, Senator Abdul ur Rehman Fakir (Member National Assembly (Mehmand Agency) Bismillah Khan (Bajaur Agency), Farzand Ali Bangash (Peshawar), Nijat Ali Khan Orakzai (Hangu), Malik Abdullah Khan Asterzai, Hajji Jamal Hassan Orakzai Agency, Syed Badshah Hussain Orakzai Agency, Hajji Izatt Gul Orakzai Agency and Faiz ullah Orakzai signed the “Islamabad Peace Accord”.

During the meeting the participants reviewed all aspects to stop sectarian tension in the area. They finally concluded that violator of the agreement would be a traitor to the Nation against whom government must take action besides a fine of Rs. 20 million.

Both sides also agreed to restore the communication network of Kurram Agency with rest of the parts of Pakistan while Peshawar and Parachinar Roads will be opened in accordance with the 25th October Accord.

They also agreed that both sectarian groups would go back to their original positions after vacating the present areas and land abandoned by affectees would be return to them as soon as possible, all the hostages and arrested people would be released, and respectable burial ritual will be performed of expired persons, while all bases occupied by the two sides will be handed over to the control of Frontier Corps.

They also appreciated the role of government by bringing both the opponent tribes at table for dialogue as well as noble efforts of Jirga members and people of Kurram Agency.

They further said that they have reached on agreement with mutual understanding and good intentions, agreeing that no sect can impose their decisions forcefully on any one; adding that they would remain successful due to their customs and habits.

They also thanked the MNAs, MPAs especially those of shite sect and Ahle-Sunnah Wal Jamaat for their cooperation and said that Peace Jirga will visit Kurram Agency on 25 October to review the situation.

They also expressed their complete satisfaction on hundreds percent implantation on Peace Accord and hoped that administration and government would also make its utmost for implementation the Pact.

On the occasion, Political Agency said that if Peace Jirga achieved success in implementation of Peace Accord then government must come forward to announce funds for the progress and development of Kurram Agency.

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