Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grand Jirga for peace in Parachinar in three weeks: Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD, Jun 9 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior A. Rehman Malik on Monday said that a grand jirga would be convened within three weeks to ensure peace and order in Parachinar.

Responding to a comment made by Senator Abbas Kumeli, Rehman Malik told the Upper House of the Parliament that the government is committed to resolving the sectarian clashes in Parachinar. However, some foreign elements are involved in igniting such clashes not only in Parachinar but also in other parts of the country.

However, he regretted that some people from both the communities were being used in the hands of foreign elements involved in marring peace of the area.

He said a jirga comprising both communities was convened recently but it could not bring positive results following a clash ignited after they could not reach consensus over certain points.

Rehman Malik told the House that two MNAs are engaged in bringing reconciliation between the two communities over convening jirga on the issue. He said the next jirga would be convened in Peshawar or Kohat.

He said law enforcement agencies have foiled a terrorist plot in the federal capital and also arrested nine alleged suicide bombers along with three explosive-laden vehicles carrying more than 1,000 kg explosive material.

Advisor to prime minister said he had also informed Afghan President Hamid Karzai regarding the elements involved in subversive activities from across the border inside Pakistan. He substantiated his words saying that some phone calls have also been detected from Afghan border in which two persons were dealing about a killing for ransom.

However, he said the government is taking strict security measures to restore peace in the area, adding that a new Inspector General has been appointed and a number of intelligence agencies personnel have been increased.

Malik urged all the political and religious leaders to render their services to resolve the situation, adding that “the solution to the problem lies only in the collective efforts.”

Associated Press of Pakistan

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