Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clashes again erupts in Kurram Agency F.P. Report

PARACHINAR: Clashes erupted in trobuled Kurram Valley once again on Monday. According to details a group of millitants attacked the Pak-Afghan bordering village Pewar with heavy weapons. The millitants usedthe rocket launchers and mortar guns by attacking on the Turi tribe population of village Pewar. According to latest situation fighting is continued and turi tribe is resisting against the millitants. Uptill now the reports of six injuries came while the exact number of casulities and injuries are not known as the area is located on hills and hardest geographical region. The number of injured and casuilities may increase due to increase in intensity of fighting and use of heavy weapons from both the sides. It is worthmentiong here that on one side government and law enforcing agencies claims of complete peace and seize fire in area while the ground realities are that sever fighting is continued during diffrent intervals with addition to complete closer of main Thall-Parachinar Road from Last six months. Turi tribe elders accused that some persons in bureucracy and Law enforcing agencies are involved for converting the stratagic important Pak-Afghan Kurram valley to Taliban state or another Waziristan, moreover these persons are sending wrong reports to high ups as well. But the patriotic people of the Kurram valley will never allow this anti state agenda. Meanwhile social and politacal circles especially the local leadership & actvists of PPP and ANP Kurram demanded thier leadership to end the human tragedy in Kurram Valley by opening the main Thall-Parachinar Road and ending the seiege of half million population of Parachinar otherwise they all will quit the ruling parties by giving resignation they threatend.

The Frontier Post (Peshawar)
Tuesday, May 6, 2008,
Rabi-us-Sani 29, 1429 A.H.

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