Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tension erupted in troubled Kurram Agency once again F.P. Report

PARACHIINAR: Tension erupted in already troubled Kurram Agency (FATA) today once again when militants set on fire a town of Turi tribe consisting of more than thirty houses along with Masjid & Imam Bargah located near village Pewar on Pak-Afghan border. According to details this occurred on Saturday when militants violated the peace treaty and seize fire once again by setting on fire a town named Gubazana near village Pewar located on Pak-Afghan Border. The militants used petrol and other explosive for destroying the whole Town consisting of more than thirty houses ,while the security Forces personals were watching this game of fire as silent spectators, some eyewitness present there said to reporters on condition of not exposing their names. It is worth mentioning here that the owner population of this town of Gubazana belongs to Turi tribe in Upper Kurram and Sada in Lower Kurram have already migrated to safer places in the era of Zia’s regime. After this the already tense situation in troubled Kurram Valley once again is going to worse but the local administrations especially Political Agent (PA) is doing no measures to control the situation, seems to be puppet in the hands of militants. Meanwhile the elders of Turi tribe call their people to be peaceful and calm and demaded the government and administration to take action against militants in 72 hours. The elders of Turi tribes accused some officals of Bureaucracy and security forces that they are backing militants. According to elders of Turi tribe the proof of which is that militants broke the peace agreement for more than dozen time by violating the cease fire, but instead of taking action against these militants they are given state sponsorship. They further said that a “hidden hand “want to convert the Paradise like Kurram Agency into another Waziristan but the patriotic Turi tribe will not allow them to do so. Meanwhile, thousands of South Waziristanis are on the verge of fleeing thier homes in a famine like situation, due to acute shortage of food items in most parts of the volatile tribal agency bordering Afghanistan, the inhabitants of the area told The Frontier Post here on Friday. All most every kind of food item is short and in most parts of thje agency wheat and rice are not available for the last few days, due to which they are in a famine like situation and every one is packing up their movable belongings to leave their homes this time not due to military operation but due to hunger . Talking to The Frontier Post, one of the famine affected middle man , who named himself Khan Sarwar said, “ me and my children are eating boiled rice of a very low grade and quality at a very high price and the food stock in everyone home is on the verge of finishing point.

(The Frontier Post ), Sunday, April 27, 2008, Rabi-us-Sani 20, 1429 A.H.

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